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Announcement: First Tibetan Youth Parliament in Europe April 9-11, 2010

February 5, 2010

February 2010

We are Tibet

Tibetan Youth Association in Europe (TYAE)
announces the First Tibetan Youth Parliament in
Europe. It will take place in Zurich, Switzerland
from April 9-11, 2010 marking the occasion of the 40th anniversary of TYAE.

The conference will be held under the motto "We are Tibet."

We want to give the Tibetan youth the opportunity
to participate democratically by freely
expressing their views on important issues as
well as to develop new political solutions for
Tibet, thereby strengthening the Tibetan youth’s
perspective in the Tibet movement.

We feel very honoured that H.H. the Dalai Lama
will attend the Saturday morning and has agreed
to address the participants of the conference and to answer questions.

The Tibetan Youth Association in Europe hopes to
encourage the youth to actively take part and
educate themselves through political debates on
the future of Tibet. It is a unique opportunity
to make a statement and to be widely heard.

During these three days, Tibetans in Europe aged
between 16 and 40 years will discuss domestic and
foreign policy issues and new methods for the Tibet movement.

It is a great pleasure for the Tibetan Youth
Association in Europe to celebrate the 40th
anniversary of its founding by offering an
exciting range of programs reflecting the past
and present of the largest Tibetan youth organisation in Europe.

* * * * * * * *
Program details

Opening ceremony
The conference opens with an inaugural address.
Participants to the conference then introduce
themselves and the countries they represent.
Finally the President of the First European
Tibetan Youth Parliament and minute-takers are formally elected.

Each participant can choose two out of six
workshops and take part in them (1st and 2nd
Round). Each workshop is limited to 30
participants. Assignment of interested parties
will take place according to their preferences if
possible. The workshops will focus on different
topics concerning Tibetan politics and identity.
However all discussions are linked to the role of
the youth in respective topics. As soon as the
forum section is online (see all participants can
comment on the workshop topics. The ultimate goal
of the workshop session is to draft a
recommendation that substantiates the position of
the European Tibetan Youth Parliament (ETYP).

After the workshop, participants can join the
so-called "active corners" where ideas and thoughts can be exchanged.

Five Questions to H.H. XIV Dalai Lama
Participants are kindly requested to prepare and
email questions related to the ETYP to:
questions. The closing date is 28th February. Out
of these proposals, ten questions will be
selected and published on the website. There will
be an online poll and everyone can vote for their
favourite questions. The five most popular
questions will then be posed to H.H. XIV Dalai
Lama. The one-hour session with H.H. XIV Dalai
Lama will be open for all European Tibetan Youth Parliamentarians.

Plenum - European Tibetan Youth Parliament
The President of the ETYP will chair the sessions
of the day. First the groups from the
Friday-workshops present their results and
recommendations, which are discussed and
commented on in the plenum. Subsequently a voting
on these recommendations will take place. Each
participant has one vote to either accept or
reject each of the recommendations.

The President of the ETYP prepares a short
summary highlighting key findings and decisions
of the day. Finally the Elections 2011 are
briefly introduced since this topic will be at
the centre of the next days discussions.

Distribution of resolution
A draft version of the resolution will be
distributed for common acceptance. If the
resolution is considered contentious, comments
are discussed and amendments drafted by the
European Tibetan Youth Parliament. These
amendments are edited and finalized within the
next hour (during Question and Answer session).

"Question and Answer" session with candidates
Potential candidates running for the office of
Kalon Tripa (or Chitue) are invited to speak in
front of the European Tibetan Youth Parliament.
They are given the possibility to present their
political program and to respond to questions by
participants of the ETYP based on the discussions
in preceding parliamentary sessions. In case
there are no candidates by that time, an
alternative program will focus on the Elections 2011.

Passing of resolution and handover
The resolution is passed in the parliament and
subsequently handed over to a representative of
the Tibetan Government in Exile.

Closing ceremony
Closing speeches are held.


Be part of the First European Tibetan Youth
Parliament and send us your application by
filling out the following form if you:

     * are 16-40 years old (year of birth between 1970 and 1993)
     * are Tibetan origin (at least one parent of Tibetan origin)
     * live in Europe

The official languages of the European Tibetan
Youth Parliament will be English and Tibetan, but
there will be workshops in German for a limited amount of participants.

Please note that these seats are only for
participants with no or very poor knowledge of
English and Tibetan. Also note that there are a
different number of seats available for each
European country. The limited amount of
representatives is measured on the Tibetan
population of the respective country. The
official deadline is 31st January 2010. If the
respective amount of seats for a country is not
filled by then, the remaining seats will be
available to anyone on a "First come, first served" basis.

For the First European Tibetan Youth Parliament three packages are available:

Option A: 130 Euros -- 4-Day Pass (all inclusive
Option B: 110 Euros -- 3-Day Pass (all inclusive)
Option C:  60 Euros -- 3-Day Pass (excl. accommodation)
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