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China Can Outgoogle Google

February 7, 2010

By William R. Stimson
February 05, 2010

What if they gave a dictatorship and nobody came?
This is what we're seeing happen in Iran now, and
with Google it's apparently also beginning in China.

The Chinese authorities dangle profit in front of
the greedy eyes of Western firms but then as
those firms rush in and struggle to establish
themselves in the very different (so-called)
"business" climate of China, these same
authorities keep changing the rules, demanding a
little bit more every few years, altering the
structure of the business environment and
changing the rules some more, until they
themselves are firmly in control of the firms and own the technologies.

To China's leaders it must seem like such a
winning game that already they can't help
strutting and posturing about their own
superiority as a race, a nation and a system of
"government" that, unlike the liberal democracies
of the West, works against the recession.

Only, like the populace of Iran, Google looked
the big boys in the face, decided it wasn't worth
playing their cheating game, turned around and
walked out on their party. This is the opposite
of the Americans going into Iraq for its oil. This is America coming of age.

The greatness of America, whatever superiority it
may have, as it turns out, isn't what so many in
the West, or even in China, might suspect. Rather
it's the simple freedom to innovate and to try to
be real -- it's the ``tangle and bother'' freedom
that the Chinese leaders now deride for its slow
and stumbling economic recovery.

America has what China can't steal. It can
finally produce a company that is true, that
places human values above dollars -- a company
that can win our hearts and so, of course, earn our dollars in a big way.

Google does right to step out of China because by
doing so it is preserving its one priceless
asset. This is not the secret computer codes the
Chinese want to steal. It's something the Chinese
cannot steal from Google or any other company.

Legitimate authenticity, genuineness, call it
what you will -- this is the commodity that will
be selling in the marketplace of the future, and
that not just America but Taiwan and so many free
countries around the world are now perfecting.

This is the commodity that will end the
destruction of ecosystems, the exploitation of
labor forces, the extinction of species, the
stealing from future generations, and, yes, that
will end poverty too; and overpopulation.

A genuine company is one that gives away for free
far more than it ever even attempts to sell, it
is a company that spins a fortune out of thin
air, and it is a company that the China we know
today will never understand because it is a company that "does no evil."

China can have all Google's secrets, yes. But to
get them it'll have to set free its captive 1.3
billion, let them read and think and write what
they want -- and let them self-organize as they wish.

Only then will the greatness of the Chinese
culture and the superiority of its many peoples
and inner nations rise up and show the world what can outgoogle Google.
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