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Letter: Change

February 9, 2010

by Tsoltim N. Shakabpa
February 8, 2010

In the race between the tortoise and the hare,
the tortoise wins. Why? Because he maintained his
natural behavior of going straight and steady
while the hare was jumping all over the place.

Although it is often best to leave nature to its
course when it concerns change, it is sometimes
necessary to either accelerate or decelerate
change. For instance, we need to accelerate
change with new telecommunications technology
when worldwide communications are lacking for
this modern age. Or when our negotiating strategy
with Communist China is not working, we need to
either wait till China becomes a true and
meaningful democracy or seek complete
independence. Or when our government fails to
listen to the people, as in the case of the
people protesting the government's praise of
traitors like Ngapo Ngawang Jigme, we need to
firmly impress upon the government to withdraw
the statement under threat of change.

In other cases, we need to decelerate change as
when the extravagant use of modern technologies
is causing global warming or when the
proliferation of new drugs is causing the creation of dangerous new diseases.

Change is the paraphernalia of life. Impermanence is a fact of life.

Life is changing
World is changing
Change will come
To all, not some

No matter what we do
Only thing we can do
Is decelerate change
Or accelerate change

But change, we cannot change
It is real, though sometimes strange
And though we may try to deny
We cannot, by nature, defy

Change is a sure fire determinant
In our frail lives which are impermanent
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