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Government relaxed visa rules on Tibetan monks

February 10, 2010

China Post (Taiwan)
February 8, 2010

TAIPEI, Taiawn -- The government relaxed
yetserday visa restrictions on Tibetan monks
seeking to stay in Taiwan to disseminate Tibetan
Buddhism,accordingto the Mongolian and Tibetan Affairs Commission.

Under the new regulations, effective immediately,
Tibetan monks who are in Taiwan on two-month
visas can apply to have their visas extended for two more months.

"They can apply for a visa extension twice, --
said Kao Su-po, the commission's minister.

Kao also noted that 81 refugees classified as
Tibetans who had overstayed their visitor visas
were granted resident status in Taiwan last
November based on amendments to the Immigration
Act that were passed in January 2009.

Fifty four other Tibetans who had also overstayed
their visas failed to pass identification reviews by the commission, he said.
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