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Chinese police chief boasts network of 12,000 'informants'

February 11, 2010

A Chinese police chief uses more than 12,000 spies to inform on a
remote county of just 400,000 people.
The Telegraph (UK)
February 10, 2010

Liu Xingchen, the 56-year-old assistant to the head of Kailu County,
a farming region in Inner Mongolia, said his vast network of
informants meant he could be "very sensitive" to signs of dissent and protest.

In an interview with Xinhua, a government-run news agency, Liu
described how he was able to "quickly and accurately discover all
sorts of information that might destabilize society."

"At the latest count, our bureau has established 12,093 informants."

Experts said the number of spies in China's major cities, such as
Beijing and Shanghai, and in more restive regions, such as Tibet and
Xinjiang, was likely to be far higher.

The number of spies in Kailu County, extrapolated nationwide,
suggests that China has at least 39 million informants, about three
per cent of its population.
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