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Commendatory: Re: "Fragile China," Editorial, Feb. 7.

February 12, 2010

By Lobsang Khechog
Calgary Herald
February 9, 2010

Re: "Fragile China," Editorial, Feb. 7.

Bravo to the Calgary Herald for this editorial
and for breaking the news on China's censure of
the University of Calgary for honouring the Dalai
Lama. The Herald should be commended for its
extensive coverage of this incident which is of
international significance. What the U of C did
is no different than more than 100 other
respected institutions and governments around the
world have done -- given high honour to the Dalai
Lama for his tireless effort to gain freedom for
the Tibetans through steadfast non-violence,
promotion of the goodness of human beings, and of inter-religious harmony.

As a Tibetan, I am not at all surprised at the
Chinese government's heavy-handed action which
Tibetans are being subjected to daily. Tibetans
have no freedom in their own land under the
brutal Chinese occupation. The Internet is
heavily filtered and monitored and if any Tibetan
were caught with even a photo of the Dalai Lama,
or caught sending e-mails documenting human
rights abuses, he or she would be arrested,
tortured and given a long prison sentence. There
is heavy repression through massive military
presence where arrests and torture are far too
common and seemingly exterior peace in Tibet is
achieved through massive force, intimidation, fear and media censorship.

Lobsang Khechog,

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