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Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Ma Zhaoxu's Remarks on Obama to Meet with Dalai

February 13, 2010

Ministry of Foreign Affairs,  the People's Republic of China
February 11, 2010

Q: On February 11, in answering questions raised
by journalists, White House Press Secretary
responded that President Obama would meet with
the Dalai Lama on February 18. How do you comment on that?

A: China has lodged solemn representations to the
US on its above-mentioned decision. China is
firmly opposed to Dalai's visit to the US and his
contact with the US leadership. Our position is
consistent and unequivocal. China has repeatedly
lodged solemn representations to the US on
President Obama's possible meeting with Dalai. We
urge the US to fully recognize the high
sensitivity of Tibet-related issues, strictly
abide by its commitment of recognizing Tibet as
part of China and opposing "Tibet independence",
cancel immediately the wrong decision of
arranging a meeting between President Obama and
Dalai, not to provide Dalai any arena or
convenience to engage in anti-China splitist
activities, not to undermine the stability of
Tibet and interfere in China's internal affairs
so as to protect China-US relations from being further undermined.
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