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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Tibet in History this Week

February 14, 2010

Tibetan Review
February 13, 2010

Feb 10, 1952: China formally established Tibet
Military District, with Zhang Guohua as the
Commander and Ngabo Ngawang Jigme as 1st Deputy Commander.

Feb 12, 1910: The 13th Dalai Lama fled to India
when Manchu troops arrived in Lhasa.

Feb 14, 1999: The Dalai Lama said that the
existing, informal channels of Sino-Tibetan
communications had come to a complete halt. This
was after direct contacts had ended in 1993.

Feb 14, 1993: Chen Kuiyuan, TAR Communist Party
Deputy Secretary, called for purge of officials
who did not take a strong stand against the Dalai Lama.

Feb 14, 1964: Tibet Broadcasting Station launched
a programme for overseas Tibetans.

Feb 15, 1950: Southwest Bureau, the Southwest
Military Region and the Second Field Army of the
Chinese PLA jointly issued a "political mobilization order to liberate Tibet".

Feb 15, 1957: The 14th Dalai Lama returned from
India after attending the celebrations marking
the 2500th birth anniversary of Lord Buddha and
meeting with Indian Prime Minister Jawaharlal
Nehru and Chinese Premier Zhou Enlai there.

Feb 16, 1988: The 10th Panchen Lama disputed
Beijing's claim that police did not fire on
unarmed Tibetans during the Oct 1987 demonstrations in Lhasa.

Feb 16, 2000: Greens Senator Bob Brown presented
members of a Chinese delegation, including
members of the National People's Congress (NPC) a
Tibetan flag and a letter calling for
self-determination for 6 million Tibetans as they
visited the Australian parliament in Canberra.
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