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China dismissive of India's missile power

February 14, 2010

Tibetan Review
February 13, 2010

China has claimed to be far ahead of India in
missile technology despite what the top Indian
military scientist has said about the greater
accuracy of the latter’s missiles, according to
People's Daily online, mouthpiece of the
Communist party of China, Feb 12, citing its
Beijing-based international edition Global Times.
It also cited Chinese military strategists as
dismissing media claims about India being far
ahead of China in developing interceptor technology.

The Chinese report came as India’s 3,500-km
Agni-III nuclear-capable missile cleared tests
and became ready for induction. India is also to
test within a year an Agni-V nuclear-capable
missile with a range of more than 5,000 kilometres.

Both the Agni-III and Agni-V will add muscle to
India's "dissuasive deterrence" position on
China, the Times News Network (India) had reported Feb 11.

"We feel our accuracy is better than China's DF
21," The Telegraph (India) Feb 11 quoted India’s
chief military scientist, VK Saraswat, as saying of Agni-III.

The People's Daily report cited Chinese Rear
Admiral Zhang Zhaozhong, a professor at the
Chinese National Defense University, as saying
India was still 10 to 15 years behind China in
terms of missile technology. He was also not sure
whether Agni-III was really ready for use as
claimed. "And it might take at least another five
years to ready the Agni-V," Zhang was quoted as saying.

Zhang has also dismissed Saraswat’s claim,
reported by the Hindustan Times Feb 11, that
India was ahead of China in the ballistic missile
defence (BMD) system technology. "India's
technology for its measurement and control
system, which is used to trace launched missiles,
remains at a very low level, and they are unable
to constitute a complete and reliable missile
defence system," Zhang was quoted as saying.

The Chinese report noted that Beijing had
test-fired its first missile interception system
in Jan’10, and successfully tested its
anti-satellite system in 2007. It noted that the
United States and Russia were the only two
countries that had actually deployed missile-interceptor technology so far.
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