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Sherpas to observe Gyalbo Lhosar today

February 15, 2010

The Himalayan Times (Nepal)
February 14, 2010

KATHMANDU -- The indigenous Sherpa community will
celebrate their annual festival -- Gyalbo Lhosar
-- across the country tomorrow by wishing each
other peace, prosperity and good health.

The Lhosar also marks the new year of the
northern Himalayan ethnic communities.

The government has declared public holiday on
Sunday for celebrating the Lhosar, which is
widely celebrated in Nepal by Sherpas, Tamangs,
Gurungs and Tibetan communities alike.

The Tibetan New Year (Lhosar) and the one
followed by the Sherpas, also known as the
Himalayan tigers, who are adept mountain
climbers, are called by two different names Sonam Lhosar and Gyalbo Lhosar.

Gyalbo Lhosar is observed usually in February by
religious groups and business entrepreneurs.
While the Sonam Lhosar is celebrated mostly by
people who work on farms and fall on the 12th Tibetan month.

Likewise, Tamu Lhosar was observed by Gurungs one
and half month ago. There are about 200,000 Sherpas in the country.

The festival is also celebrated in Tibet. On the
eve of the Lhosar, various programmes featuring
the Sherpa cultures and their way of life were
organised here. The government has declared
public holiday on Sunday to mark the festival.
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