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Media: CNN Commits Sacrilege

February 21, 2010

While the Dalai Lama is in the U.S. visiting the
White House, Tibetan Buddhism gets stepped on by CNN.
by John Kusumi (centrist liberal)
February 19, 2010

It's Thursday, February 18, 2010, and U.S.
President Barack Obama is hosting a meeting at
the White House with Tibet's Dalai Lama.

Meanwhile, America's media of pawns, shills, and
propagandistic sock puppets is completely
dropping the ball in its coverage of this meeting.

Suppose that Russia kidnapped the Pope and
offered a replacement, to be a pretender to the
papacy? --The world, in its outrage, would
ascribe no legitimacy to the pretend Pope. We
know how Popes are selected (by a conclave of
Cardinals), and that method is not by the fiat of Russian leaders.

Indeed, in the above example, the world would
express shock, outrage, and demand that the
situation be returned to the status quo ante.

For about a decade now, America's news media has
been keeping the U.S. public "in the dark" and
uninformed about the violations of human rights
-- crimes against humanity -- that are
perpetrated by the regime in charge of mainland
China: namely, the Communist Party.

Above, for comparison, I've made a fictitious
example where Russia kidnaps a Pope.

But, the analogy is to a completely true
situation: China kidnapped the Panchen Lama, a
high figure in Tibetan Buddhism, and offers a
replacement, to be a pretend "new" Panchen Lama.
And America's news media? --Having no shame, they
are content to report about the new, replacement Panchen Lama.

Can you say sacrilege? Can you say no shame?
--CNN and the Associated Press are both content
to bamboozle the public, and then to pat
themselves on the back with their
self-congratulatory slogans about being "the most
trusted name in news." In this vein, CNN's latest
transgression was today, but let's consider the back-story.

On April 13, 2006, the China Support Network
(grass roots boosters of China's pro-democracy
movement) published "AP and Reuters assist in sacrilege." In there, I wrote:

No newswire is questioning whether or not Joseph
Ratzinger is Pope Benedict XVI. He is that.

Tibetan Buddhism has the Panchen Lama. No
newswire should be questioning whether or not
Gedhun Choekyi Nyima is Panchen Lama XI. He is that.

The arrogance of journalism comes to the fore
when some newswires arrogate to themselves the
decision-making authority over who is a figure in
Tibetan Buddhism. The correct arbiter of same
should be the Dalai Lama, not Christopher Bodeen of the Associated Press.

The Panchen Lama was kidnapped by China in 1995
at the age of 6, and became known as "the world's
youngest political prisoner." The abduction
itself is a hideous human rights abuse, and where
there is no closure in this case, it is still
correct to demand that Beijing release the Panchen Lama.

Again from my earlier article, "Beijing rejects
both the Dalai Lama and his choice of the boy for
Panchen Lama. No one in Beijing has the authority
to choose a Panchen Lama, but they have gone
ahead and selected their own boy so that they can
"install" their own, pro-Beijing person to be a
regime-friendly, pro-Beijing person."

In fact, I had written about the Panchen Lama's
case in an earlier (2004) article:

Brazen is one word. Flagrant, heinous, and
sacrilegious are three more words....his case
clearly points out the diabolical nature of
China's Communist regime, as it readily violates
not just an individual, but a religious figure,
and thereby the entire society that cares about
the Panchen Lama. Violated and raped are two more
words, and Tibet can understandably feel that way.

Back to 2006:

if the kidnapping was bad enough, then words
begin to fail now, as we consider (a.) the
arrogated selection, by Beijing, of a Panchen
Lama impostor; and (b.) the fact that AP and
Reuters today are reporting the impostor as if he
is actually the Panchen Lama. I believe clearly
that this is sacrilege, and that this is foul,
faulty, and false reporting that serves only to
[convey] Communist propaganda, while a crime
against humanity is committed. Again, I am not
Tibetan, and I am not Buddhist, but I can see a
religion being violated, and I can see
journalists arrogating to themselves something
akin to the selection of the Pope.

History did not begin yesterday, nor did we fall
off of a lemon truck yesterday. (Boy, don't
journalists wish? In my lifetime, journalism has
gone from "the first draft of history" to "the fictionalization of history.")

Reuters began its article by saying, "Tibet's
11th Panchen Lama, anointed by China's atheist
Communists but not by the Tibet's Dalai Lama,
took center stage at the World Buddhist Forum on
Thursday, defending China's record on religion."
(Hmmm. Why would China's record on religion need
defending, if Beijing were not offending?)

Reuters continued, "Gyaltsen Norbu, appointed in
1995 as the Himalayan region's second most
important religious figure after Beijing rejected
the Dalai Lama's nominee...." (Hmmm. Recall from
above that the Panchen Lama is named Gedhun
Choekyi Nyima. The impostor, Gyaltsen Norbu, is being named here....)

Reuters link (See the article below)

The AP is in on this scam, too. Look at this
quote from AP: "Gyaltsen Norbu, 16, is the
second-highest figure in Tibetan Buddhism." AP
described this appearance as "an apparent sign
that Beijing is seeking greater acceptance for
its choice of the Panchen Lama." However, we know
from earlier that Gedhun Choekyi Nyima was
previously reported to be the Panchen Lama.
Whether the newswires agree this is sacrilege or
not, a vast violation of estoppel it certainly is.

A vast violation of estoppel is a change of
story; a reversal; an inconsistency. The AP did
the same in 1989, when it reduced the casualty
figures from the Tiananmen Square massacre.
(Newswires earlier reported 3,000 dead; they
later said "hundreds" dead, and CSN believes that
change occurred at the behest of the propaganda
minister in Beijing.) Beijing cannot make the
China Support Network say what it wants, nor
report Beijing's one-sided version of history.
But apparently, Beijing can get the AP and
Reuters to bend over backwards, and into a
pretzel shape, in the course of their pandering,
brown nosing, and general selling out to the Chinese Communist Party.

The AP went so far as to refer to "That other
boy, Gedhun Choekyi Nyima," taking note of the
dispute. AP also said, "A spokesman for the Dalai
Lama on Thursday again rejected Beijing's right
to make the final decision on reincarnations.
'Reincarnation is a religious belief and it
cannot be decided by an administrative office,'
Thubten Samphel said by telephone from the
Tibetan government-in-exile's headquarters in the
northern Indian town of Dharmsala."

This means that the AP is openly admitting that
"their man" is an impostor, but they are
reporting this story "the Beijing way," even
without authority from the Dalai Lama. One might
think they could at least have the decency to
refer to the "Chinese Panchen Lama" as distinct
from the "Tibetan Panchen Lama," and perhaps
"Chinese Buddhism" as distinct from "Tibetan
Buddhism." The rightful authority for Tibet and
its Buddhism is the Dalai Lama, and the AP and
Reuters stories again mix and blur the distinct
concepts of Chinese versus Tibetan.

It's ugly, it's disgusting, it's slanderous, and
it assists Beijing in committing a crime against
humanity. To any thinking intellect, it is
obvious propagandizing, and it is offensive to be
assaulted with Communist propaganda while we
Americans are merely sitting in our living rooms. Shame on these two newswires!

In short, the Chinese government is attempting an
Orwellian revision of history, and the U.S. news
media is helping Beijing in that attempt to
hoodwink the world and to foist their Panchen
Lama selection upon the world. My 2006 article
went on to say that newswires should retract and apologize for those stories.

Fast forward to 2010. What did we see on CNN this morning?

The video report was titled, "Objections to Dalai
Lama visit," and was filed from Beijing by CNN's
Emily Chang. Her script began as follows:

Thousands of Chinese worshippers flock to the
Lama Temple, praying for blessings. It's a shrine
to Tibetan Buddhism. But, this isn't Tibet. It's
Beijing, and this is a state-sanctioned temple.
Over the years, the Lama Temple has become one of
China's most popular tourist attractions. It's a
traditional stop for national and international
visitors, and an opportunity for the Chinese
government to show the world it allows the
practice of Tibetan Buddhism. Worshippers are
required to recognize the Panchen Lama, chosen by
the Chinese government, rather than the Dalai
Lama, the exiled Tibetan spiritual leader. Some
don't seem to worry about the difference.

If this is journalism, it is one-sided
journalism. Now they're stacking the bogus
Panchen Lama, not against the real Panchen Lama,
but against the Dalai Lama himself. Chang's
report glosses over the real Panchen Lama
entirely -- it skips the entire controversy! She
then says, "Some don't seem to worry about the
difference." --Okay well logically, if some don't
worry, that implies that others do. (In fact, the
first "some" could be a tiny minority, and the
second "some" could be a vast majority.) So, will
both sides be illustrated in this report?

No. The other side of the matter is people
concerned about human rights and religious
freedom. This report refers to no one from the
pro-freedom, pro-democracy, pro-human rights
community of dissidents and 'Free Tibet'
campaigners. They don't appear. Who appears instead?

Folks, I start a new paragraph here because I am
truly incredulous. --A street vendor of incense becomes the new guest on CNN!

Folks, it's another paragraph break because I am
boggling. At stake are international relations,
freedom, democracy, human rights, and the
religion and culture of Tibet. And who gets face
time on CNN? --A street vendor of incense! She says:

"Average Chinese people have no opinions on the
Dalai Lama and what he does," this incense vendor
says. "We just care about having enough food to
eat and clothes to wear. Not politics. That's the government's business."

CNN link

There is such a thing as the international human
rights community, but CNN seems to be foggy about
their existence. They could have inserted
spokespeople from Amnesty International, Human
Rights Watch, the China Support Network, or
Students for a Free Tibet. Or, how about
America's labor unions, which lost jobs to
Communist China? None of that appears in this
report! What was illustrated is that "some don't
seem to worry about" the substitution shell game
-- the controversy, wherein Beijing kidnapped the
Panchen Lama and now promotes its own choice of replacement.

Let's have a recap of words that apply to what
we're seeing, per my article above.

* flagrant
* heinous
* sacrilege
* foul
* faulty
* false
* pandering
* brown nosing
* general selling out to the Chinese Communist Party
* ugly
* disgusting
* slanderous
* assisting Beijing in committing a crime against humanity
* Orwellian revision of history
* one sided journalism
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