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Obama might further disorient Dalai Lama

February 22, 2010

By Li Hongmei
ChinaView (People's Republic of China)
February 21, 2010

BEIJING, Feb. 21 -- The exiled 14th Dalai Lama
got so intoxicated and disoriented on an
international occasion November 22, 2009, that he
even publicly stated he was the "son of India",
in that he "has fed on Indian food" since fleeing
China half a century ago, thus positioning "His
Holiness" as an object of the worldwide ridicule.
On the surface, the Dalai Lama still keeps the
common sense that he shouldn't bite the hand that
is feeding him. But perhaps, it is the plausible
reason to explain why he could turn to bite the hand that has fed him.

He again stressed his position as the "son of
India" at the turn of the year, further
elaborating on his rhetoric by saying that
physically he is Tibetan, but spiritually he is
already an Indian. To fend off further taunts and
jibes, Lodi Gyari, the "private representative"
of the Dalai Lama, argued in favor of "His
Holiness" during the just concluded contacts and
talks with the Chinese Central Government
explaining that the Dalai Lama means his Buddhism
belief originates from India, and on this basis
he views himself as the "spiritual son" of India.
But wouldn't it be self-contradictory to put it that way ?

As a matter of fact, the religious and cultural
communications between the civilizations can date
back to a long history ago, and even in ancient
times, the exchanges of the kind turned out to be
abundantly constant and extensive. Would it be
that a person was the "son" of an alien culture
simply because he had learnt something from the
culture? Take Lodi Gyari himself, he also claimed
to have learnt the profound "spirit" from some
Western power, would he one day abruptly declare
he is the "son" of that country?

Judging by what the Dalai Lama has said and done,
who dares to believe that such a person, who has
even forgotten his own origins, will prove of high integrity and fine dignity?

Some foreign media just add fuel to the flames
contributing a wide coverage to the Dalai Lama's
loud self-identification, this enraging the
Chinese of all ethnicities, and in particular,
making the exiled monk more repulsive to the
Tibetan people. A Tibetan netizen wrote to People
Daily Online Forum, pointedly asking why the
Indian Dalai still sent his "envoy" to the
Chinese Central Government to have a talk over
"Tibet issues". Many also echo the statement
remarking how a foreigner could nose into China's internal affairs.

No wonder the Dalai Lama could maintain the
composure feeling so at ease when he toured the
encroached ancestral land for Tibetans. Nay, it
should be "Arunachal Pradesh" in his Indian
parlance. Under the pretext to pay pilgrimage, he
even set foot on the Tawang soil, the birth place
for the 6th Dalai Lama and a place which is in
history under the jurisdiction of the Chinese
Tibetan local government. What is behind his
brazen behavior is his outlandish "readiness" to
take the robber for his father, and his
unmatchable "courage" to cut off from the ancestral line.

No wonder the 14th Dalai Lama could so
desperately side with India making irresponsible
remarks over that outrageous British-drawn
McMahon Line. Yes, he is the Indian Dalai, and no
more. He has gone too far to return on a route
completely running counter to the general will
and wish of the Tibetan people and the national
interests of the whole Chinese. To fulfill his
daydream of "Greater Tibet", which is, in
essence, "Tibetan independence" in a disguised
form, he and his followers would carry on
frenzied wrecking activities to incite hatred
among the Chinese ethnicities, fabricate lies
vilifying China's favorable policies in Tibet.
And what's more, the 14th Dalai Lama has long
been engaging in activities geared to sell out
China's territory and sovereignty and betray the
basic interests of the Tibetans.

Now that the U.S. President Barack Obama would
prefer to go back on his word, turn a blind eye
and a deaf ear to the three Sino-U.S. joint
Communiques and to the Chinese intense
oppositions; neither does he take heed to the
already volatile China-U.S. relations nor the
feelings of the Chinese people, obstinately
hosting the "son of India" in White House, he
must have been ascertained the disoriented Dalai
Lama could still find his way back "home" on
exiting the Map Room. Hopefully, Obama would not
further confuse the globe-trotting political monk
clad in saffron, as in fact the exiled monk
himself has little sense about how much a stable
and well-off life means to the people of Tibet
and still lives under the illusion that he could
someday resume feudal serfdom within the vast Chinese Tibetan territory.

Perhaps, the foreign backing would embolden the
Dalai's lunatic ravings but could do nothing in
coercing China to move an inch in terms of its core interests.

"One should never expect the Chinese to swallow
the bitter pill which harms their benefits," as
the Chinese late leader Deng Xiaoping put it.
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