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London Losar Gathering in Memory of Tibetans in Tibet

February 23, 2010

By Tsering Passang (By e-mail)
February 21, 2010

London -- Tibetans in the UK remember their
brethrens in Tibet on the eve of the biggest Tibetan festival of the year.

Last year, the Tibetan Community in Britain
cancelled the Losar (Tibetan New Year)
celebration and instead organised a special
prayer meeting in response to the calls of "no
celebration of Losar" from Tibet. This year,
'2137 of the Iron Tiger ' fell on 14th
February  and in London over  300 Tibetans and
their British supporters gathered in a north
London venue to celebrate their most important
festival of the year on 13th February.

Following the announcement from the Tibetan
Government in Exile this year to 'not hold any
celebratory events during Losar' the Tibetan
Community in Britain had to re-schedule their
Losar programme at the last minute and
consequently organised a low key gathering to
allow Tibetans and their supporters to gather
together and show their solidarity with Tibetans in Tibet.

Led by Lama Lobsang, dedicated prayers were
performed by the Tibetan attendees for the long
life of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and those who
have died under China's continued brutal
oppression, particularly during the 2008 widespread protests across Tibet.

Representatives from various Tibet support groups
and Buddhist centres were greeted with
traditional Chemar, dresil, chang-koe and Tibetan butter tea.

Mr Thubten Samdup, Representative of His Holiness
the Dalai Lama from The Office of Tibet in
London, addressed the gathering saying, "We are
passing through one of the most difficult periods
in our nation's history and the time has come for
us to make a special 'Losar resolution' that we
will remain united as one people and do our
little bit to make a difference for the cause of Tibet."

Tibetan music, recorded by musicians in Tibet,
was played throughout the evening and young
children participated in the game of musical
chairs. Tibetans were encouraged to wear
traditional dress and prizes given to the best
male and female traditional costumes. Both
winners then gave a short description of their
costumes with the male winner, Thupten saying, 'I
like wearing traditional Tibetan costume from my
homeland [Kham] because I am Khampa. I am Tibetan.'

The evening provided a wonderful opportunity for
Tibetans and their supporters both young and old
to greet their friends and family, meet new
friends and gather together in a dignified and
friendly atmosphere and share their wishes and
hopes for Tibet as this New Year commences.
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