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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Middle-Way Approach Is In Best Interests of China, Affirms His Holiness the Dalai Lama

February 23, 2010

Central TIbetan Administration (CTA)
February 22, 2010

Larry King during an interview with His Holiness the Dalai Lama
Los Angeles: In an exclusive interview with CNN's
Larry King on Sunday, His Holiness the Dalai Lama
underscored that his "Middle Way Approach for
seeking a mutually beneficial solution to the
issue of Tibet within the framework of the
People's Republic of China is in the best interests of China".

His Holiness started his second day in Los
Angeles with a forty-five minute interview with
Larry King on popular talk show - Larry King
Live. King started off by asking about His
Holiness' meeting with President Obama and asked
what His Holiness wanted from Obama. His Holiness
answered that he stated his three main
commitments: promotion of human values, promotion
of religious harmony and the Tibetan issue.

His Holiness said he had "requested President
Obama to urge the Chinese government for dialogue
and contact with the Tibetans, and requested
help, such as scholarships, for Tibetans in
refugee communities as well as Tibetans in Tibet”.

Larry King asked His Holiness if America could
maintain good relations with China while at the
same time supporting Tibetan independence. His
Holiness answered that "there was no
contradiction in keeping good relations with
China and supporting Tibet because they were not
seeking independence but a genuine autonomy. Our
concern is basic rights for the six million Tibetans inside Tibet”.

"Every Tibetan wants a modernised Tibet and to
remain part of China can ensure this," His
Holiness added. His Holiness called his approach
the Middle Way Approach and stressed, "Our
approach is in the best interest of China".

Highlight of Day's Other Programmes

Earlier at 8:45 am His Holiness met with board
members and staff of the Whole Child
International. His Holiness held a brief informal
question and answer session with sponsors of
Whole Child International. There were around
sixteen people including Cher and Chris Rock.
They asked His Holiness’ opinions on topics
ranging from leadership ethics to childcare to
cultivation of inner peace. In his answers, His
Holiness stressed that not just money but values
such as freedom and free information were very
important. His Holiness said: “In order to
utilise human creativity properly, you need free
information without censorship or restriction."

Later in the afternoon His Holiness gave a public
talk to almost 6,000 people on 'Cultivating
Compassion and Needs of Vulnerable Children' at
Gibson Amphitheater, Universal City.

The talk was organised by Whole Child
International, and focused on cultivating
compassion and inner peace. Renowned singer Sheryl Crow sang three songs.

In his address, His Holiness said the 20th
century was a crucial century for human history.
In the 20th century, people created wonderful
technology and human society became very advanced
in some ways but on the other hand, over 200
million people were killed in this century. “In
ancient times,” His Holiness said, “destruction
of your enemy meant victory for yourself.” Now
it’s different; the destruction of your enemy is
the destruction of yourself. His Holiness stated
that therefore disarmament was very important. He
made a distinction between two types of
disarmament: external and internal. His Holiness
said, "Without internal disarmament, change is
not lasting. Therefore, cultivate compassion."

His Holiness particularly emphasised the "role of
education in developing compassion so that
intellectual development is concurrent with moral
development." His Holiness urged that children
should be taught the value of compassion when
they are small. His Holiness said that Tibetan
parents teach their children not to kill insects
and the children grow up to value all life. If
children do not value insect life, that can be a
slippery slope to devaluing all life. His
Holiness also pointed out that compassion reduces
blood pressure, tension and stress, and induces
sound sleep and good digestion. His Holiness
said, "The real healing power is compassion."

During the question and answer session, His
Holiness was asked how parents should teach
privileged children to understand how lucky they
are. His Holiness remarked that there is a
question of how to introduce the value of
compassion in a modern education system, and a
pressing need to teach values in a secular way to
children from kindergarten to university.

His Holiness was also asked if he planned on
going back to Tibet. His Holiness said there was
"always a desire to return," but the Chinese
leadership, which slanders him and calls him an
enemy, would have a hard time justifying to its
citizens why His Holiness was let inside the
country. So His Holiness said he was trying to
improve his relationship with the Chinese
government. He reiterated that the issue of Tibet
is not a Dalai Lama issue, but the issue of the Tibetan people.

Tomorrow His Holiness travels to Florida where he will give two public talks.

--Reporting by Tenzin Dickyi, Office of Tibet,
New York. Editing by Lobsang Choedak
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