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"Canada can, within a positive friendly atmosphere, ask the Chinese government to resolve the Tibetan situation."

Take Out The Dalai and the Trash

February 24, 2010
February 23, 2010

By FITSNews --| For those of you unfamiliar with
America’s favorite liberal bumper stickers, "Free
Tibet" is one of the all-time classics,
maintaining its hold (adhesively-speaking) amidst
the recent onrush of "Save Darfur” and "Obama ‘08" stickers.

Of course the man who is actually fighting to
"Free Tibet," the Dalai Lama, was subjected to
one of the most shameful humiliations in U.S.
diplomatic history last weekend when the
administration of Barack Obama (his new neighbor
on liberal car bumpers) had him escorted out of
the White House servant’s entrance.

"Taken out with the trash," in case you missed the point.

The Dalai Lama has been meeting with U.S.
Presidents since 1991, and while most
administrations have downplayed his visit in an
effort not to offend China, this is the first
time we can recall him having to endure such a
carefully staged humiliation -- which was no
doubt engineered right down to the placement (and
plumpness) of those trash bags.

Seriously, Obama didn’t just do the "he’s not
being received as a political leader" two-step,
his team set out to embarrass a man whose only
crime has been to wage a non-violent struggle for
freedom and human rights for the better part of six decades.

Look -- we get that China owns America.

And we get that Obama cannot afford to offend
China or risk pissing off his banker.

But this is embarrassing.  And disgraceful. And
beneath the dignity of our country.

Unlike Obama, the Dalai Lama actually earned his
Nobel Peace Prize, people.  He didn’t deserve this disrespect.

"Don't slip, Dalai."

Also, WTF is with all that trash, Yo-bama? Recycle much?

Pic: AFP/Getty
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