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His Holiness Begins LA Visit With Special Programme On Care For Orphan Children

February 26, 2010

Tibet Custom
February 22 2010

His Holiness the Dalai Lama had two main events.
In the morning he joined a small group discussion
on improving childcare worldwide, particularly
care for orphan children. In the afternoon, His
Holiness attended a luncheon reception where he
received the first Whole Child International
Humanitarian Award and participated in a question
and session with TV journalist Giselle Fernandez.

  His Holiness the Dalai Lama is seen during an
interview with the Associated Press during a
visit to Southern California, in Beverly Hills,
Calif, Saturday, 20 Feb 2010/AP Photo

His Holiness started the day at 9 am by holding
private audiences in his room at the Hotel
Montage with members of the Whole Child
International, a charity organisation dedicated
to improving orphanage care-giving that is hosting His Holiness in Los Angeles.

Then from 9:30-11:30 am, His Holiness
participated in a small discussion held in the
hotel titled "Compassion in Action: Cultivating
the Intimate Care for Vulnerable Children
Globally." There were about fifteen attendees who
included Whole Child representatives, child-care
experts and academics, philanthropists. They
explored how to improve care giving in orphanages
around the world while at the same time promoting
government and institutional funding for better
care-giving for orphan children.

Among the attendees were Nilmini Rubin, Senior
Member of the US Senate Foreign Relations
Committee; Ruth Levine from the Center for Global
Development; Gary Newton, US Government Special
Advisor for Orphans and Vulnerable Children; and
Robert McCall, Co-Director of the University of
Pittsburgh Office of Child Development.

Mrs Karen Gordon, founder of Whole Child
International, which is dedicated towards
improving the lot of orphans worldwide by
shifting the focus in orphan care from speed and
efficiency to love and compassion, introduced the
organisation. Mrs Gordon isolated three elements
that Whole Child seeks to change in the way
orphanages function: management, the caregiver’s
relationship to the orphan and the physical
environment for the child. She added that Whole
Child seeks sustainable improvement in childcare
by focusing on local capacity building, creation
of early childhood specialisation in academia and
elevation of childcare through regulation.
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