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Dalai Lama to Students: Don't Be Lazy Like Me

February 26, 2010

The Dalai Lama is making the rounds in South Florida
February 23, 2010

Miami (AP) -- His Holiness made his way to South
Florida on Tuesday with his usual message of
peace and love for all mankind and creatures walking the earth.

Then, the Dalai Lama told students at Nova
Southeastern University to be the opposite of the
man most people in the Eastern world revere as the purest being on earth.

"Sometimes we Tibetans are lazy. I myself was a
very, very lazy student. Don't be like me," the
Dalai Lama joked. "You must be a hard worker."

Hmm. That's some kind of admission from a man who
has attained the highest levels of spiritual
enlightenment. But it's always refreshing to know
even His Holiness was a slacker during his college years.

The Dalai Lama on Education

During his two-hour speech in front of a packed
gymnasium, the Dalai Lama was quite the comedian
while telling stories about his meetings with
various world leaders. He even got in a little
physical humor trying to sit with his legs crossed in a chair.

Students really got a kick out of the Dalai
Lama's story of China's former communist leader
Mao Zedong. He said the two would meet for dinner
often, but the dictator had a habit of talking
with his mouth full, often spewing chunks of food on the Dalai Lama's plate.

That can't go over well with the reincarnation powers that be.

After fielding a few questions, the Dalai Lama
received an honorary degree from university
officials. The comedian appeared once more, which
may be a prelude to his next role in his future life.

"It is really wonderful to get a degree without
much effort," the Dalai Lama laughed. "I very much appreciate. Thank you."
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