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Gang involved in trafficking Tibetans to Europe smashed

February 26, 2010

Press Trust of India (PTI)
February 25, 2010

New Delhi, Feb. 24 (PTI) With the arrest of a
Tibetan based in Moscow, Delhi Police today
claimed to have smashed a module allegedly
involved in human trafficking by sending Tibetan
refugees to Europe via Russia and Hungary.

¨Tshering Namgyal was arrested yesterday from IGI
airport following claims by a Tibetan refugee
that he paid Rs 2.5 lakh to the agent for going
to Moscow. ¨The Tibetan refugee who was trying to
board a Moscow- bound flight was stopped at
Immigration after scrutiny of his travel
documents revealed that his Identity Certificate
issued to Tibetan refugees for travel purposes
contained forged seal and substituted photograph.

¨During interrogation, police claimed, the
passenger said that he had paid Rs 2.5 lakh to
the agent to arrange his travel documents and
facilitate his departure. The passenger was
tutored not to disclose the real identity and address of the real agent.
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