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Letters: Shackles of authoritarianism

February 26, 2010

The Jakarta Post
February 25, 2010

I refer to an article titled "China protests
Obama meeting with Dalai Lama," (, Feb. 19).

As in all debates, there are at least two sides
of the story, and generally the actual truth lies
in between. To begin with, the issue of human
rights is a universal issue, first and foremost.

Concerning Tibet, this territory, for the
majority of time, has, over the last 800 years,
either ruled over, or has been independent of, or been autonomous from China.

Therefore to say that Tibet belongs to, and is an
integral part of, China is very much open to
debate. For these two reasons, among many, Tibet
is not an internal affair, but very much a matter for international dialectic.

Communism has always been imperialistic and
totally authoritarian in its practice.

Democracy and freedom have never been a part of China's, or Russia's, history.

It is the opinion of this writer that China's
internal politics need to be seriously interfered
with until the totalitarian government of China
joins modern society of which freedom and liberty are an integral part.

Furthermore, the "national feelings of the
Chinese people" are directly controlled by the
government with absolutely no tolerance or allowance for any other opinion.

The word disinformation was coined specifically
to express some of the brainwashing techniques of
communism. It is the government of China that artfully feigns serious "hurt".

This is the nature of a dictatorship, and the
realistic consequence of communism. Although the
Dalai Lama is being facetious while chiding
Beijing for taking a "childish" approach, it does
underscore the immaturity of the governmental system in China.

The world needs and looks forward to the many
peoples of China joining the global family, but
first they must throw off the shackles of communist authoritarianism.

Brien D
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