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Northampton campaigners raise the flag for Tibet

March 6, 2008

Northampton Chronicle & Echo, UK
05 March 2008

Campaigners in Northampton once again raised the flag and the profile
of Tibet as part of a conference to highlight the plight of the Asian
country which has been under the control of China for almost 60 years.
Yesterday's meeting, which brought together politicians, artists,
musicians and political activists was held to raise awareness for
Tibet, under Chinese rule since 1950.

Organiser Caroline Scattergood has brought people together for the
Tibet cause every year for the past nine years.

This year visitors heard several talks, some live music and even a
Tibet-themed rendition of the Katrina and the Waves Eurovision winning
song, Love Shine a Light, before raising the Tibetan flag outside the

Speaking afterwards Ms Scattergood, a former West End entertainer,
said: "If we had been invaded in World War Two, and lost our lives and
independence, we would appreciate that there is someone was trying to
raise awareness of that.

"If someone next door to you was being tortured you would do something
about it. This just happens to be on a very big scale."

Visitor Alan Horn, aged 59, from Duston, travelled to Tibet last year.

He said: "The fact that people's freedoms are taken away is just
terrible. I think it is so tragic the way they are treated."
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