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Bjork shouts out to Tibet during Shanghai show

March 6, 2008

March 04, 2008

Icelandic singer Bjork's first major concert in mainland China Sunday
(March 2) may have been her last, after she chanted "Tibet" several
times during "Declare Independence," the closing song in her set at
the Shanghai International Gymnastic Center.

By appearing to come out in favor of independence for Tibet, which
China claims is an integral part of the People's Republic, Bjork
violated a key Chinese political taboo.

As reports and videos of the incident began circulating on the
Internet, Chinese Web sites featured a flood of angry reactions such
as "Call the relevant authorities!" and "Away with her!"

For those at the show, however, it was a different story. "It was a
very brave thing to do," says Alex Pasternack, an American who lives
in Beijing. "I was thinking of Tibet already, because the lyrics of
that song are so explicitly about declaring independence."

Pasternack says there wasn't much of a reaction from the audience to
Bjork's remarks. "I looked around for guards or security, but didn't
see any -- and (then) the show was over," he says. "My first thought
was, 'She's never going to be invited back here again.'"

The show's promoter, Shanghai-based Emma Entertainment, had no comment
on the incident. Shanghai was Bjork's only scheduled China show.
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