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Dalai Lama: China end repression on Tibet

March 12, 2008

Press Trust of India

Dharamsala, March 10 (PTI): Welcoming China's emergence as a
''powerful country'' due to its ''great economic progress'', Tibetan
spiritual leader Dalai Lama on Monday said it put a responsibility on
Beijing to give equality and freedom to all ''nationalities'' in the

Referring to the upcoming Olympic Games being hosted by China, he said
the international community should remind Beijing to uphold the
principles of freedom of speech and friendship.

''I have from the very beginning supported the idea that China should
be granted the opportunity to host the Olympic Games. China should
prove herself a good host by providing these freedoms,'' he said as
hundreds of Tibetans in exile in India started a march to protest
against China hosting the mega sporting event.

The Dalai Lama, in his speech on the 49th anniversary of Tibetan
Uprising Day, maintained that Chinese repression against Tibetans
continued to increase and asked Beijing to bring an immediate halt to
such policies.

''In Tibet, repression continues to increase with numerous,
unimaginable and gross violations of human rights, denial of religious
freedom and politicisation of religious issues,'' said the spiritual
leader who noted that he was in ''semi-retirement'' lately.

He said China ''is emerging as a powerful country due to her great
economic progress. This is to be welcomed, but it has also provided
China an opportunity to play an important role on the global stage.''

The world, the Dalai Lama said, was waiting to see improvements in
observance of the rule of law, transparency and freedom of speech.''

Obviously referring to Tibetans, he said ''since China is a country of
many nationalities, they must all be given equality and freedom to
protect their respective unique identities if the country is to remain

Supporting the holding of Olympic Games in China, the Tibetan leader
said, ''besides sending their athletes, the international community
should remind the Chinese government of these issues''.

Terming the Tibet problem as ''very complicated'', he said a
comprehensive approach must be adopted to resolve it taking into
account the benefits to all parties involved, rather than one party

He expressed his determination to pursue the Middle-way policy in
China-Tibet relationship and to continue dialogue with the Chinese
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