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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

10th March Observed in Tokyo

March 12, 2008

On 8th March, Tibet Support Network Japan and Tibetan community in
Japan observed the 10th March Tibetan uprising anniversary in Tokyo.
In the morning, some fifteen to twenty Tibetan and Japanese supporters
marched to Chinese embassy in Tokyo. Fluttering Tibetan National flag,
they sang Tibetan national anthem before the embassy's main gate. SFT
representative read a memorandum drawing embassy's attention to
resolve the Tibetan issue peacefully at the earliest. The activist
raised slogans demanding human right and freedom in Tibet. As per
Tokyo city police regulation, only five persons were allowed to stand
before the gate. So the demonstrators took in turn. Although it was
holiday on the day, some Chinese officials passed in and out from the
main gate, they showed no reaction. The memorandum was put in the
embassy's post box. The protest lasted for an hour and was concluded
with singing national anthem once again and a prayer for world peace.

 Tibetans raising slogans before the Chinese embassy in Tokyo on 8th March

The group later joined the main gathering at Shinjuku Park; from where
the actual march for Tibet took place. Nearly hundred Japanese and
Tibetans have gathered at the park. Mr. Kubo Takeshi, Chairman of
Tibet Support Network Japan presided over the gathering and spoke on
the important of Tibetan issue and world peace. He stressed on the
need for Chinese authorities to take this Tibetan seriously and
consider the peaceful approach of His Holiness the Dalai Lama. Mr.
Makino Seishu, Representative of Japanese Parliamentary Group for
Tibet, welcomed the gathering and said that Tibetan struggle is not a
problem of Tibetans only, it is an issue related to peace and
stability in Asia and the world. He called upon Chinese communist
leaders to open China for peace, democracy and freedom. He said
however powerful China may be, with its belligerent and bully
attitude, China couldn't win love and respect of the world.

 Tibetan and Japanese marching in the Toky-Shinjuku street carrying
colorful Tibetan national flag

The march started from Shinjuku Park with great fervor, raising
slogans calling upon China to respect Human right, religious freedom
and genuine autonomy in Tibet. They also called upon UNO to pay
attention to Tibet issue. Some taken away with emotion, called for
`Free Tibet` and `China get out of Tibet`. The march passed through
the central street of Shinjuku, one of the busiest cities in Tokyo.
Many passer by stopped to see the march and some raised their caps and
hands to show their solidarity.

Nearly 100 Japanese and Tibetan participated in the march. On the day,
Shinjuku Street saw a very colorful street demonstration with the
people clad in Tibetan outfits, many putting on caps with the design
of Tibetan flag. Some local media also came to cover the event.

When asked to an elderly passer by, who happens to know something
about Tibet, `presence of many Japanese youngsters carrying Tibetan
national flags with public cry `Free Tibet` echoing in the Tokyo
street is a rare sight, but for the Chinese authorities it is a
warning saying that Japanese public are not silent about Tibet`.
Commented the gentleman.

Tibetan and Japanese gathers at the end of march

Many Japanese youngsters expressed relief and happiness for being able
to participate in the march and expressed their support in every
possible manner. They proposed more interaction between Tibetan and
Japanese for better understanding and cooperative effort to pressure
Chinese authorities to free Tibet. The march concluded at Shinjuku
Kumin Kaikan, Shinjuku Public Hall where a get together was done. Mr.
Kubo and Tibetan community leader thanked the participants and spoke
about the forth-coming Tibetan Olympic Torch relay event on 16th
March; many participants enthusiastically endorsed the event and
called upon everyone to participate in this Tibetan Olympic Torch
relay in Tokyo.

>From the office of TSNJ (Tibet Support Network Japan), Tokyo
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