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Nepal detains 2 Tibetans ahead of Tibetan Democracy Day celebration: report

September 1, 2010

August 31, 2010

Dharamsala, Aug 31 -- Nepalese police have
detained two Tibetan activists posting
"anti-Beijing leaflets" ahead of a planned
protest against Chinese rule of their homeland, according to a media report.

Both were being held under public security laws
that allow for preventive detention, though one
faces charges of resisting arrest and assaulting
police officers, Govind Pariyar, police chief in
the Boudha area in Kathmandu where thousands of Tibetan refugees live, told AP.

The activists -- identified as Kelsang Nordup and
Tashi Dawa -- are members of the New Age Network,
a group involved in organizing anti-China
protests in Kathmandu, the report said.

Dawa would likely be released after Thursday's
planned protest, while Nordup could be jailed for
a few months if convicted of the charges, Pariyar said.

On Thursday, Tibetans around the world will mark
their 50th anniversary of the establishment of democracy in exile.

As part of the celebration, Tibetan
Parliament-in-Exile on behalf of the Tibetan
people will honour the exiled Tibetan leader His
Holiness the Dalai Lama with a 'Golden Seal' for
his years of tireless service to the Tibetan people.

The official event will take place in Bylakuppe,
the largest Tibetan settlement located in the
south Indian state of Karnataka. Over 30
parliament members from 14 different countries,
legislators of Karnataka and local dignitaries
will also join the the celebration.

Tibetan exiles in Nepal have regularly staged
demonstrations in the streets of Kathmandu since
a 2008 uprising in Tibet. Nepal has banned the
gatherings, saying it cannot allow protests
against friendly nations including China.

Those violating or planning to violate the law
are generally detained for a few hours to a few
days before they are released by police.

Nepal has accommodated Tibetan exiles for
decades, but has come under increasing pressure
from China to crack down on the political protests.

Under Beijing's influence and lack of stable
government in the impoverished nation, rights
groups say Tibetans refugees in Nepal are
increasingly vulnerable and at risk of arrest and repatriation.

The latest arrests follow Nepal's deportation of
three fleeing Tibetan refugees to Tibet recently.

In June Nepal handed over three Tibetan refugees
over to Chinese authorities in Tibet, a move that
sparked international condemnation.
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