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Letter: Support Tibet -- boycott China

September 2, 2010

Idaho Montains Express (USA)
September 1, 2010

I recently returned from a trip to Tibet. I
witnessed firsthand the brutal and oppressive
military Chinese occupation of this helpless and
peaceful land. The Chinese government is working
hard to eradicate a culture and colonize Tibet
with Chinese settlers. Just mentioning the Dalai
Lama will send you to jail for eight years.

What can we do to help? The Tibetans are actively
engaging in passive, non-violent resistance. I
say let us stop giving aide to the oppressors.
Every time we buy a product "Made in China," we
help to finance the genocide taking place in
Tibet. Let's make a point of buying comparable
products made elsewhere. And maybe for a few
bucks more buy something made in the U.S. that
actually provides jobs to our work force. In the
1980s, a successful divestment campaign in the
U.S. helped topple the South African racist regime.

Let's ask questions to our financial institutions
and political entities. Are you doing business
with Chinese financial institutions and why? I
told Tibetans that they are not alone. Will you prove me right?

Jean Jacques Bohl
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