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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Letter: We are more dangerous than the Chinese communist regime...

September 7, 2010

RA's Web Chowkidar
September 5, 2010

Dear all,

I uploaded on YouTube an extract of PM Samdhong's
speech in NYC where he states that rangzen
activists are "a little more dangerous that the
Chinese communist regime and Shugden Worshippers".

Can any of you check / improve the translation
below, posted by Mila Rangzen on Jamyang Norbu's
blog? (By replying to, all
recipients will be notified of your message.)

In advance thank you for your help.

Christophe Besuchet
Rangzen Alliance's Web Chowkidar

One great fear that comes to our mind is the
concern that Tibetan faith and loyalty/allegiance
toward His Holiness is diminishing each year. For
example, the case of Dhogyal worshippers, having
no depth and base, having been through on the
wrong path under the misguidance of several
individuals. There are many among dhogyal
worshippers who criticize His Holiness but we are
not really surprised. We are not worried about it.

But these days, there are many who criticize His
Holiness on the failure of achieving
independence, then there are those who with idea
of modern democracy criticize His Holiness and
are willing to disregard His Holiness if
democracy can be achieved. Then those who
criticize His Holiness based on a few events of
his life, are all little more dangerous than the
Chinese communist regime and dhogyal worshippers.

Recently in india, a Tibetan newspaper asked
people which of the two, His Holiness and
democracy, is more important. The fact that we
can talk about democracy in exile and that
democracy experts can speak extensively is all
due to the kindness of His Holiness and this they have forgotten.

Without a great leader like His Holiness, can we,
a handful of Tibetans, exist? Could our democracy
have matured to this point? This is what we have
to ponder over. Collecting opinion poll on
whether His Holiness is more important or
democracy, these people regard His Holiness as
anti democracy or one in conflict with democracy.
In democratic society, with an understanding on
the subject and with reasons, one can examine the
speech of His Holiness, it is not that one can
not disagree with His Holiness. Buddha said
"don’t believe it because I have said it. Examine
what I say." His Holiness says the same thing.

[missing on the video: But when you examine
Tibet’s unique leaders who have come about due to
our collective karma and prayers and if we
criticize or insult the person of His Holiness
then it will be very harmful to our cause.
Tibetan people need to think over this seriously
including His Holiness’s great contributions and
events and his future course for 6 million
Tibetans, more important than this is the middle
way policy. These are the signs of fortunate
period. It’s important we realize this. ]

Translation by Mila Rangzen
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