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India's ex chief election commissioner gives tips on democracy at TWA event

September 28, 2010

September 25, 2010

Dharamsala, Sep. 25 -- The Tibetan Women's
Association yesterday celebrated 50 "glorious"
years of Tibetan Democracy in exile at the new
auditorium of the Library of Tibetan Works and Archives.

Presiding over the event as the chief guest was T
S Krishnamurthy, former Chief Election
Commissioner of India, who inaugurated a new
publication of the organization Exile Tibetans -
Mass Mock Election and its findings . The Tibetan
version of the book was launched by Jampal
Chosang, the Chief Election Commissioner of the Tibetan government in Exile.

Addressing the gathering of Tibetan government
officials, incumbent and former members of the
Tibetan parliament, and representatives of
various Tibetan NGOs, the former CEC of India
said there are many challenges to democracy, and
its success depends of the people who implement
the democracy. Krishnamurthy, who had been
invited as an observer to the elections in
Zimbabwe and the US Presidential Elections in
2004, also briefed the audience about various
democracies of the world he had seen and expressed his opinions about them.

"There are good things and bad things in Indian
democracy, learn only good things from Indian
Democracy", Krishnamurthy advised the Tibetans.
Krishnamurthy also asked the Tibetans to read his
book Miracles of Democracy to get a better
understanding of his views and know about his experiences.

On asked about his opinion on the Tibetan
electoral system's provision of more than one
vote for an individual, Krishnamurthy said he
would not like to comment on what many efficient
and expert Tibetans have written in the charter
according to the exile circumstances. He, however
said, that his personal belief was that "one man
should have one vote and that vote should count."

The Tibetan CEC Mr. Jampal Chosang lauded the
Indian democracy calling it one of the world's
most vibrant democratic systems. Mr. Jampal also
thanked the government and people of India for
hosting the Tibetan people for the last 51 years
and contributing to the evolution of the Tibetan
democracy in exile which will witness the first
ever democratic transfer of the executive power
in the history of Tibetan nation.

The TWA launched a short documentary film on the
Tibetan people's participation in the mock
election it conducted earlier this year on the
birthday of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
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