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Youth group campaigns for exile parliament without factionalism

September 28, 2010

Tibetan Review
September 25, 2010

In an effort to ensure a parliament that would be
open rather than one dominated by parochially
factionalized groupings, a voluntary group of
young Tibetans have announced a list of 30
candidates just ten days before the preliminary
voting begins on Oct 3. At a press conference in
Dharamsala on Sep 23, Youth For Better Democracy
(YFBD) member Mr Tenzin Tsundue said releasing
the list was one of the last public awareness
services the group was offering. The group had
been campaigning to “maximize voter registration,
increase youth awareness and participation.”

Several exile Tibetan groups have released their
lists of candidates both for the Kalon Tripa and
the exile parliament elections. Voting for both
will take place together. But, “unlike other
nomination lists that we see around, we contacted
every one of the 30 nominees and made sure that
they are standing for the elections,” said YFBD member Dorjee Tseten.

Seventeen of the candidates on the group’s list
are new faces, with the remaining 13 being serving MPs.

The YFBD believes that the candidates supported
by it fulfil three basic conditions. First, they
do not engage in or support any regional,
sectarian or factional politics in the exile
parliament or in the Tibetan community in general
but keep the issue of Tibet at the core at all
times. Second, they equally respect the Middle
Way Policy and Independence and reflect that
impartial stand in their approaches. Finally,
they Participate and engage in every possible
action for the promotion of democracy and unity in the Tibetan community.

YFBD, with its members based in Dharamsala and
various other exile Tibetan settlements, works
for the enhancement and progress of democracy within the Tibetan community.
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