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Gu Chu Sum GBM concludes, new executive members elected

October 3, 2010

Tenzin Tsering
September 30, 2010

Dharamsala, Sep. 30 -- Gu Chu Sum Movement, an
exile organization of ex political prisoners,
concluded its 5th General Body Meeting yesterday. The meeting began on Monday.

The members of Gu Chu Sum met with the Tibetan
leader, the Dalai Lama in a special audience yesterday.

Woeser Rinpoche, a monk of Sera Mey Monastery in
Bylakuppe, was elected the President of Gu Chu
Sum with 14 other executive members for the next three years.

"The aims and aspirations of the organization
will continue to strengthen and there will be no
changes in our political stand,” said the newly
elected President of the NGO, which works towards
achieving Tibetan independence.

Gu Chu Sum was established in 1991 in Dharamsala
by ex political prisoners who had experienced
oppression and torture under the Chinese rule.
The NGO was formed to provide assistance to the
Tibetan political prisoners in Chinese prisons
and to work for their release. It also strives to
provide assistance to the ex political prisoners living in exile.

Woeser Rinpche appealed to the members of the NGO
to work together with sincerity and unity for the
common cause of Tibet and its people.

The outgoing president of the organization Ven
Ngawang Woeber spoke of the challenges the NGO
faces, particularly in distinguishing and
identifying true accounts of information
submitted by new arrivals from Tibet. He said
sometimes it takes months to confirm the information provided to them.

Gu Chu Sum is based in Dharamsala, the hill town
headquarters of the Tibetan Government in Exile.
The NGO is named according to the months in which
major demonstrations took place in Lhasa, capital
of Tibet. "Gu" (Nine) is for September 27, 1987,
"Chu"(Ten) is for October 1, 1987, and "Sum"(March) is for March 5, 1988.
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