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Special Envoy Kasur Lodi Gyari talks to VOA and RFA on situation in Nepal

October 6, 2010

October 5, 2010

Washington, DC -- Special Envoy Kasur Lodi Gyari
briefed reporters of Radio Free Asia and Voice of
America Tibetan services on 4 October 2010
regarding his meeting with US Ambassador to
Nepal, Scott DeLisi in the morning at the State Department in Washington, DC.

He mentioned that this meeting had been scheduled
for some time to discuss with the Ambassador, who
was on a visit to Washington, DC, the whole range
of issues affecting Tibetans in Nepal.

During the meeting Special Envoy Gyari raised the
issue of the Nepalese police action against
Tibetans at the election venue in Kathmandu on 3
October. There was concern and the Ambassador is looking into the matter.

Special Envoy Gyari said he had informed
Ambassador DeLisi that the 3 October development
was one both of concern and regret. He said his
concern was not because of what this meant to the
Tibetans but for its implication on Nepal as a
sovereign state. Nepal has become like an
autonomous region of China. He said he was
concerned because of the long term historical
relationship between Nepal and Tibet.

He said Ambassador DeLisi expressed his concern
and said that he was already in touch with the
Embassy in Kathmandu to get more details about the development.

Referring to the media reports quoting Nepalese
officials as saying they had taken the action
because of their adherence to one China policy,
Special Envoy Gyari said that the Tibetan
elections were not against the Chinese nation. He
said ironically the Nepalese action at the behest
of the Chinese authorities only contributed to
highlighting the Tibetan democratic exercise to the international community.

In response to a question, Special Envoy Gyari
said that it was his understanding that the
United States government will be in touch with
other governments regarding the development and
possible action relating to this. In response to
another question whether this development was not
an indication of Chinese influence dominating in
Nepal, Special Envoy Gyari said that he did not
agree with this. He said the difference was that
the United States and other like minded
governments respected Nepal as a sovereign nation
and dealt with its government accordingly.
Therefore, these governments did not treat
Nepal’s government in any condescending manner.
On the other hand, the Chinese authorities were
virtually ordering Nepalese officials without any
respect to its status as a sovereign nation. He
said this was common knowledge among
representatives of the international community in Nepal.
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