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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

Dalai Lama urges release of Nobel winner

October 13, 2010

Sydney Morning Herald (SMH)/AFP
October 8, 2010

Tibet's exiled spiritual leader the Dalai Lama
has demanded the immediate release of jailed
Chinese dissident Liu Xiaobo after he was awarded the 2010 Nobel Peace Prize.

The Dalai Lama, the 1989 Nobel peace laureate,
said the Nobel committee's choice reflected
international recognition of "the increasing
voices among the Chinese people in pushing China
towards political, legal and constitutional reforms".

In a statement on Friday from Dharamshala, the
seat of his government-in-exile in northern
India, the Tibetan leader pressed China for the
immediate release of Liu and "other prisoners of
conscience who have been imprisoned for
exercising their freedom of expression".

Liu, 54, was last December sentenced to 11 years
behind bars for subversion, following the 2008
release of "Charter 08", a manifesto for reform
signed by more than 300 Chinese intellectuals, academics and writers.

The Dalai Lama said he had been "personally
moved" by the bravery of the Charter's signatories.

"I believe in the years ahead, future generations
of Chinese will be able to enjoy the fruits of
the efforts that the current Chinese citizens are
making towards responsible governance," he added.

China was incensed when the Dalai Lama, regarded
by Beijing as a dangerous separatist, was given
the 1989 Peace Prize, and was equally vocal on
Friday, saying the Nobel committee had "blasphemed the award" by choosing Liu.

The Dalai Lama favours meaningful autonomy for
Tibet under Chinese rule, but Beijing accuses him
of inciting unrest with a hidden pro-independence
agenda. Decades of on-off negotiations with China
have made no tangible progress.
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