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On BMW bike, US national of Tibetan origin on mission motherland

October 20, 2010

Indian Express
October 19, 2010

Motorcycle Diaries with a twist. That’s what
Lhakpa, who was born in Dharamshala in India and
schooled in India, who lived briefly in Nepal
before settling in the USA in 1995 and who has
never been to Tibet is perhaps trying to
chronicle. Lhakpa, is on a motorcycle mission
through countries. A butler in New York, he
decided to cast aside his job and get onto his
motorcycle to take up a world tour to raise
awareness on Tibet. His decision had come after
bloodshed in the place of his origin, Tibet, in 2008.

Starting his journey on March 10 at the UN,
Lhakpa has travelled 22 countries, connecting to
media, people on the streets, students and
anybody interested in knowing more. India is the
last point in his mission, where, after
traversing Karnataka, Pune, Mumbai, Delhi,
Chandigarh and Agra, he will close it off at Dharamshala, on October 29.

It was Dharamshala his pregnant mother had
reached 40 years ago, after crossing the
Himalayas from Tibet only to die shortly after his birth.
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