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China and Pakistan "irritants" for India: Indian army chief

October 20, 2010

October 19, 2010

Dharamsala, October 19 - India's top army
official has called Pakistan and China
"irritants" for India. Army chief General VK
Singh on Friday said the terror infrastructure
across the western border and Beijing's rising
military prowess were a worry for India.

"We have two irritants. One, mainly in terms of
how the situation is, in Pakistan where there is
a problem of governance, where there is certain
amount of support that is being given to some
terrorists and where the internal situation is
not very good," said Gen. Singh while addressing
a seminar on 'Indian Army: Emerging Roles and Tasks' here.

He said the situation in Pakistan "can have a
fallout in terms of how the things there impact India".

The army chief said that India has "something to
worry" about till the terrorist infrastructure
"remains intact on the other side of the border".

"Similarly, we have a rising China, both
economically and militarily. Although we have
CBMs in place, although we have a very stable
border, yet we have a border dispute."

He said that a conventional war with China or
Pakistan was "highly uncertain" but "skirmishes can occur".

"We should have a great amount of conventional
capability to function in a conventional
conflagration and yet be prepared to function in a nuclear backdrop," he said.
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