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TIBET: 1950-2010. 60 years of occupation.

October 25, 2010

Advisory notice for a screening of Leaving Fear Behind & Q&A
The All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet
October 19, 2010

Reminder ref. Advisory notice for a screening of
Leaving Fear Behind & Q&A that is being held on
Wednesday 20 Oct @ 5.00 Committee Room 8 (further details below).

Just to confirm the meeting is now in Committee
Room 8 which has been booked from 5.00pm.

Technology permitting, we will start the screenings at around ten past five.

If you would like to attend, please let me know
on or call 020 7272 1414. Thanks!

All best,


Film screenings and Q&As with Dechen Pemba

Leaving Fear Behind (20 minutes); a documentary
film by Dhondup Wangchen who, in
2008,  interviewed Tibetans in Tibet and was
subsequently arrested and sentenced to six years imprisonment.

Behind the Sea (12 minutes), a moving insight
into how Dhondup Wangchen’s wife, Lhamo Tso, and
their family are coping with his imprisonment.

Wednesday 20 October:  5.00pm, Committee Room 7*, Main Committee Corridor

The All Party Parliamentary Group for Tibet is
hosting this special meeting that gives MPs,
peers and researchers the chance to watch Dhondup
Wangchen’s film and learn more about his case.
There will be a Q&A session following the
screening with Dechen Pemba, who met Dhondup
Wangchen in Xian in 2008  whilst she was in China
and also helped secure the film footage. It had
been hoped his wife, Lhamo Tso, would be present
to  talk about her experiences, her concerns for
her husband and the campaign to have him
released, but her visa application was not successful.

This event brings a valuable opportunity to hear
and see Tibetans speaking about their life inside
Tibet, giving a voice to their opinions and
thoughts. It is also a very useful chance to
discuss how Dhondup Wangchen’s plight can be
raised in Westminster and how best to build upon
government concern both about Tibet and Dhondup
Wangchen’s case. His was one of three cases
personally raised by David Miliband when meeting
Foreign Minister Yang in Beijing in March; the
key points being freedom of expression, access to
independent legal representation and treatment whilst in detention.

Leaving Fear Behind documents Dhondup's journey
around Tibet in early 2008 where he interviewed
Tibetans, asking them for their thoughts and
views on the upcoming Olympic Games, the Dalai
Lama and Chinese government policies in
Tibet.  Behind the Sea gives a moving insight
into what Dhondup Wangchen left behind in
Dharamsala and how his wife, Lhamo Tso, and
family are coping without him, their worries and
how they are fighting for his release.

In April 2010, Dhondup Wangchen was transferred
to Xichuan Prison, a known prisoner labour camp.
There are deep concerns for his health especially
given the harsh conditions at Xichuan Prison. It
is now known that whilst in detention he was
tortured and contracted Hepatitis B for which
there has been no medical treatment.

For further background information:

For further information contact: Tibet Society
(Secretariat to the APPGT) on 020 7272 1414 or email

best wishes

Philippa Carrick
Hon Group Administrator

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