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Press release: Demonstration of solidarity in front of the Chinese consulate in Zurich

October 29, 2010

October 26, 2010

Zurich, October 26th 2010: more than 350 people
took part at today's demonstration of solidarity
held for Tibet. They protested in front of the
Chinese consulate and urged the authorities to
unconditionally meet the freedom of language.

More than 350 Tibetans and supporters marched
from the Tessinerplatz to the Chinese consulate.
They marched silently trying to shout in sign
language as well as hold their banners and
Tibetan flags in order to protest against the
Chinese government decision to replace Tibetan as
medium of instruction by Chinese language in
Tibetan schools. Many of the attendees wore a
mask to hide their mouth. Thus, they symbolically
called attention to the prohibition of the Tibetan language in Tibet.

The demonstration was held under the slogan
'Equality of People. Freedom of Language.' The
goal of this was to support the Tibetans in Tibet
as well as to show solidarity with their
co-citizen. A banner with the aforementioned
slogan has been created and signed by the
demonstrators. At the end of the event, two
representatives of the TYAE handed out the banner to the Chinese consulate.

The demonstration was organized by a the
following three Tibetan associations: Tibetan
Youth association in Europe (TYAE), Swiss Tibetan
friendship association (STFA) and the Tibetan
Woman's organization in Switzerland (TWOS)

Tibet organizations
Swiss Tibetan friendship association

Tibetan Woman's organization in Switzerland

Tibetan youth association in Europe

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