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Thousands greet Tibetan motorbike rider on completion of Free Tibet world Tour

October 31, 2010

Tenzin Tsering
October 29, 2010

Dharamsala, Oct. 29 -- Thousands of Tibetans on Thursday welcomed a
41 year old Tibetan man who had set off on his bike on a Free Tibet
World Tour covering over 35000 kilometers.

Lhakpa was received near Kangra district by members and volunteers of
the Tibetan Youth Congress which later held a reception function at
the Tsuglakhang courtyard yesterday. Lhakpa was escorted by dozens of
Tibetans on motorbikes as he drove from Kangra to Sarah College of
higher Tibetan Studies where a modest reception was accorded to him.

Lhakpa Tsering, a Tibetan immigrant in USA, started his "Free Tibet
World tour" from the United Nations Office in New York City on March
10 this year to coincide with the 51st Tibetan national uprising day.
Lhakpa travelled around the world, passing through 22 countries, on
his motorcycle for more than 8 months, creating awareness about Tibet
and garnering support.

Before reaching the finishing point of his tour at the Tsuglakhang
courtyard Lhakpa and the entourage drove to Lhakpa's former school
the Tibetan Children's Village School, which will celebrate its 50th
founding anniversary tomorrow. Lhakpa grew up in the school as an
orphan in early 80's.

"It is like coming home," said the biker as he drove past monks, nuns
and students with the traditional Tibetan scarves cheering him and
shouting "Victory for Tibet."

Lhakpa was presented with a souvenir and a traditional Tibetan scarf
at the reception function by Dhondup Lhadar, Vice President of
Tibetan Youth Congress.

"We congratulate Lhakpa Tsering on his completion of the Free Tibet
World Tour and honor his courage and commitment which took him around
the world speaking about Tibet," said Dhondup.

Lhakpa said the 2008 protests inside Tibet sparked off the
determination to undertake the lonely journey of traversing through
different countries around the world to talk about the situation inside Tibet.

"An individual can make a lot of difference," said Lhakpa further
adding that the Tibetan youth in their respective capabilities can
initiate creative and effective projects to generate more awareness on Tibet.

"It is very inspiring to know that he actually undertook this
difficult and lonely journey for 8 months for the Tibetan cause,"
said Tsering Dhondup, a Tibetan college student present at the reception.

Lhakpa said his commitment towards the Tibetan movement will remain
in his future activities, but for now he longs to go back and spend
time with his 4 year old daughter and his wife in New York who are
waiting eagerly for his return.
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