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A Day With Tibet

July 15, 2011

July 9th, 2011.

76º Birthday of His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama: Tenzin Gyatso.

During he event, A Day With Tibet, we celebrated both the World Tibet Day, and
His Holiness The Dalai Lama birthday.

At 11:00 hrs. people started arriving, and we suddenly saw ourselves surrounded
of people asking what we did and what was this or that on the walls of the House.
Frames and pictures were pretty much what we had, but the people helping made
the whole thing what it was.

Around 12:00 hrs., the activities for children kicked off and we had some amazing
organizers for this, among drawings, stories, and origami lotus flowers we even saw
people from all ages learning and having a great time.

14:30 hrs.: the food was served, and we enjoyed actually handmade by a Tibetan
momos, our special guest Khedup, did the honours and cooked pretty much every
single one of the, either of meat or spinach, they were amazingly tasty. People was
asking for seconds and although we tried we weren’t able to please them all.

After everyone, or pretty much everyone was full, we cut the cake and shared it not
before singing “Las Mañanitas”, our very own Mexican version of the Happy Birthday
song, and not before Khedup blew the candles. We were probably 30 or 40 people,
and everyone had cake.

Then, we had a talk about what the Dalai Lama is, and who Tenzin Gyatso is,
and how he became this so important figure. Minutes later, we presented de
documentary Unmistaken Child, about the search of Tenzin Sopa for his reincarnated

Overall A Day With Tibet was a success, not only because we exceed the number of
people we were expecting, but also because how the House was set, how it looked,
what it had on its walls and pretty on how all the PET team worked together and
how functions were assigned, not to mention the way they were performed.

I sincerely want to congratulate them, because without them this would have been
possible. Besides being a gift for His Holiness, it was a great chance for us to gather
and celebrate it, taking in considerations what he represents.

Long life to Tenzin Gyatso, the 14th Dalai Lama!

Pensando en Tíbet México – Morelia / July 2011.

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