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TCHRD Receives First-ever Pictures of Khaying and Choepel

December 17, 2011

13 December 2011, Dharamsala
Contact: Ms. Dukthen Kyi (English) / Mr. Jampel Monlam (Tibetan, Chinese)
TCHRD has received the first-ever pictures of Khaying and Choepel, the two Tibetan teenagers who self-immolated on 7 October 2011, protesting against Chinese rule, in Ngaba County town, Sichuan Province.

The pictures were probably taken during their early teens.

Both former monks of Kirti monastery in Ngaba County, Khaying (18) and Choepel (19) succumbed to burn injuries on 8 October and 11 October, respectively. On 8 October, the day Khaying died, China’s official news agency Xinhua reported that the two were out of danger and that their injuries were not life-threatening. However, within few days, both passed away.

Even after their death, the Chinese authorities maintained strict restrictions on performing the last ritual prayers at their homes. Local residents were strictly warned against showing any sadness or grievances for their death, or expressing condolences to their families.

Since 16 March 2011, 12 Tibetans, demanding fundamental freedoms and rights, and the return of H.H the Dalai Lama to Tibet, self-immolated out of which seven died.

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