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CFP for Conference on Inner Eurasia (3/31/2012)

December 20, 2011

Powers of Identity: 

Location: New Jersey, United States Call for Papers Date: 2012-02-05 Date Submitted: 2011-12-15 Announcement ID: 190558 The conference seeks to bring together scholars from a variety of disciplines who are interested in the power dynamics that shape identity and the forces of identity that shape society. Papers should address categories of identity (such as ethnicity, gender, faith, citizenship, and class) and their interplay with the forces of religion, culture, politics, and markets. The scope of the conference takes in Eurasia past and present, spanning from the Black Sea to Mongolia, from Siberia to South Asia. 

THE POWER OF IDENTITY: FORCES OF CHANGE IN INNER EURASIA Saturday, March 31, 2012 at Princeton University. Keynote: Laura Adams, Director of the Program on Central Asia and the Caucasus at the Davis Center; Lecturer in Sociology, Harvard University Closing Remarks: Alan H. Timberlake, Director of the Institute of East Central Europe; Professor of Slavic Languages, Columbia University CALL FOR PAPERS Deadline: February 5, 2012 The Organizations for the Advancement of Studies of Inner Eurasian Societies at Princeton University, Columbia University, and New York University are pleased to announce the 5th Annual OASIES Conference Stressing multidisciplinarity, submissions are welcome from a variety of departments (anthropology, archeology, art history, Central Asian Studies, East Asian languages and cultures, history, Middle Eastern Studies, Mongolian Studies, political science, religion, sociology, Slavic languages and literature and South Asian studies). Possible approaches may include, but are not limited to: - sexuality and the family - networks of movement - language and education - disease and the body - violence in various guises - literature, folklore and the arts - the state and its borders - negotiating kinship and clan ? SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS Please include the following information with all submissions: 1) Name of presenter 2) Academic position and institutional affiliation 3) Title of the paper 4) Abstract of no more than 300 words 5) Audio-visual equipment needs 6) Contact information (please include e-mail address and telephone number) Send submissions as an attachment (pdf or doc) to no later than February 5, 2012. Presentations will be limited to 15 minutes in length. Unfortunately, financial support is not available for participants . For more information on OASIES and past conferences, visit Please circulate widely. Igor Rubinov Princeton University 116 Aaron Burr Hall Visit the website at H-Net reproduces announcements that have been submitted to us as a free service to the academic community. If you are interested in an announcement listed here, please contact the organizers or patrons directly. Though we strive to provide accurate information, H-Net cannot accept responsibility for the text of announcements appearing in this service. Send comments & questions to H-Net Webstaff at URL <> H-Net Humanities & Social Sciences Online Hosted by Matrix at Michigan State University Copyright (c) 1995-2011 ************************************************************************ To post to H-ASIA simply send your message to: <> For holidays or short absences send post to: <> with message: SET H-ASIA NOMAIL Upon return, send post with message SET H-ASIA MAIL H-ASIA WEB HOMEPAGE URL:
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