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Self-immolator Prompts CandleLight Vigil by 2000 Nomads in Tibet

January 11, 2012

Press Release

9 January 2012

According yesterday's reports from Tibet, on 8 January around 5 AM,
Sonam Wangyal, a venerated spiritual figure, in Darlag county of
Golok in Qinghai set himself on fire and succumbed to his injuries.
Sonam Wangyal, a man in his forties, is said to have self immolated
to protest the lack of religious freedom in his homeland. Due to
his position as a local spiritual leader approximately 2,000 local
Tibetans are said to have held a candlelight vigil urging the local
police authorities to release his body.  The local police averted
further tension by agreeing to do so.

The Central Tibetan Administration will provide updates on the
situation as more details become available. Meanwhile, the Chinese
state news organ, Xinhua, confirmed the self-immolation by two
Tibetans, of which one died, on 6 January in the vicinity of Kirti
Monastery in Ngaba, Sichuan.

In the last twelve months there have now been 15 cases of self-
immolation in Tibet. All those who set themselves in fire have
demanded the restoration of freedom in Tibet and the return of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama to his homeland.
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