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Two killed and more wounded confirmed in Draggo

January 26, 2012

24 January 2012
Free Tibet can confirm that the Tibetan man, Yonten, who was shot dead by security forces yesterday in Draggo (1) died at the scene from a gunshot to his head. Yonten’s body is in Draggo’s monastery.
Free Tibet can confirm that a second Tibetan died from gunshot wounds sustained during the incident. Free Tibet now has the names of 36 Tibetans who sustained gunshot wounds during the incident; 12 of these are said to be seriously injured. An unknown number of the wounded are in Draggo’s monastery.
Yesterday, a representative of the county religious affairs office in Draggo gave a guarantee to the monastery that anyone going to the county hospital would not be detained. Free Tibet does not know if this guarantee has been taken up by local Tibetans and therefore whether the wounded are seeking treatment at the hospital.
Free Tibet refutes the claims of the Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Hong Lei that yesterday’s protest in Draggo was violent; the Tibetan demonstration was peaceful until Chinese security forces opened fire, killing Yonten; it was only at this point that Tibetans responded by throwing stones at the municipal  building, some of which broke windows.
Free Tibet Director Stephanie Brigden expressed concerns for the safety of Tibetans in the area:
“Chinese security forces have used lethal force against Tibetans during two separate incidents in only two days. The funeral of the first victim, Yonten, is tomorrow and we understand that large numbers of Tibetans are continuing to travel to Draggo by vehicle to stand in support of the people of Draggo. We have grave concerns for the safety of Tibetans in the region.”
Notes to Editor
Free Tibet is an international campaigning organisation that stands for the right of Tibetans to determine their own future. We campaign for an end to the Chinese occupation of Tibet and for the fundamental human rights of Tibetans to be respected.
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