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Nearly a dozen held in Lhasa for ‘Dalai’ contents in their mobile phones

April 30, 2012

April 24, 2012

Nearly a dozen Tibetans have been detained in a crackdown launched in Mar 2012 by the Chinese authorities in Tibet’s capital Lhasa for having in their mobile phones pictures of the Dalai Lama or songs about him, reported (Radio Free Asia, Washington) Apr 22, citing an Apr 6 official document.

The report said a ‘Brigade to Crack Down on Organized Crime’, part of the Lhasa City Public Security Bureau (or police) had identified 11 people as having been detained in Mar 2012 for the crimes of having the above incriminating contents in their mobile phones. They included a person named Migmar Kelsang, 44, whose mobile phone carried a video clip of a song praising the Dalai Lama. Another person, named as Alo, 28, was shown to have been detained for having photos of the Dalai Lama and the Karmapa in his mobile phone. Alo was shown having been caught sending those images to others.

The document was also reported to show that a woman named Lhakpa, age not mentioned, was detained after her mobile phone was found to contain a song praising the Dalai Lama. She had downloaded the song at the time she bought the phone in 2009.

The document was reported to show that several of the detained Tibetans were teens or youngsters in their 20s and named as Jamyang Tashi, Choedzom, Phurba Gyal, Tsering Jigmey, Rabten, Pagyal, Tsering Sonam and Thubten Tsomo.  They all had images of the Dalai Lama or songs about him in their mobile phones.

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