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CTA Calls for Immediate Withdrawal of Security Forces from Ngaba

May 26, 2012

For immediate release

17 March 2012

DHARAMSHALA: The Central Tibetan Administration is seriously
concerned about the latest developments in Tibet involving a self-
immolation of a young Tibetan monk in Ngaba in northeastern. The
region has been under undeclared martial law since the past many

Reports from Tibet state that Losang Tsultrim, a 20-year-old monk
of Kirti monastery, took to the main street of Ngaba town and set
himself on fire on 16 March.  He shouted slogans to protest against
the repressive policies of the Chinese government. Eyewitnesses say
police knocked him down and doused the flame. He was then taken
away to an unknown location.

Following the incident, the Chinese government has been preparing
for heavy crackdown by deploying armed police and paramilitary
forces across Ngaba, particularly in and around Kirti monastery.

The Central Tibetan Administration is deeply concerned about the
whereabouts and well-being of all those Tibetans who are greviously
wounded in the self-immolation incidents. It strongly urge the
Chinese authorities to allow the injured Tibetans to get proper
medical treatment. To date there are 5 Tibetans, whose conditions
and whereabouts remain unknown.

Human Rights Watch, in its latest report, stated that the Chinese
government’s new regulations of imposing direct rule on the Tibetan
monasteries will lead to further tensions and exacerbate social
difficulties that have been growing in Tibetan areas since 2008.
“This measure, coupled with the increasing presence of government
workers within monasteries, will surely exacerbate tensions in the
region,” it said.

“Beijing’s decision to send government officials into monasteries
in addition to heavy security forces is profoundly misguided and
will only create more resentment towards the state,” said Kalon
Dicki Chhoyang of the Department of Information & International
Relations of the Central Tibetan Administration.

Since 2009, 29 Tibetans have so far set themselves on fire calling
for freedom and the return of His Holiness the Dalai Lama to his
homeland. 16 of these incidents occurred in this year alone.

Media contacts:
Tashi, Secretary for Information
            +91 9816843798      
Lobsang Choedak, Press Officer

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