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Tibet supporters condemn GOI attempt to crush Tibetan voice

May 26, 2012

PRESS RELEASE (please forward to international media)

Core Group for Tibetan Cause in India is shocked at the arrest of its two Tibetan colleagues from a press conference at Press Club of India in New Delhi. The press conference was organized to release appeal of leading religious leaders to visiting PRC leader Hu Jin Tao to improve human right situation in occupation of Tibet in light of over 30 self immolations by Tibetan youths.
We condemn the high handedness of Govt of India GOI to crush and gag the voice of exiled Tibetans and behaving in the same manner as the colonial regime of China in occupied Tibet.

By arresting Tibetan refugees en-masse in Delhi, GOI has insulted the Supreme Court of India and the Indian Parliament who are on record admitting and issuing assurances about right of Tibetans to publicly express their opinion in 1991 during Mr. Li Peng's visit.

We urge GOI to immediately release and free the Tibetan refugees to express themselves freely. We demand that Mr. Hu Jin Tao should be tried in the international court of law for his personal involvement in mass murder of hundreds of Tibetan demonstrators in Tibet in 1989 and 2008. World should not forget that it was the 'Lhasa Model' of Hu Jin Tao of using tanks and armoured vehicles to crush the Tibetan demonstrators which was used to crush the Chinese youth uprising 3 months later in Beijing.
GOI has brought shame to democratic image of India by arresting Tibetans. Hence it has the moral responsibility to uphold the basic human rights of its Tibetan guests in India.
Vijay Kranti
Co-Convenor Core Group For Tibetan Cause, N. Delhi
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