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China Sentences Eleven Tibetans for Protests

June 15, 2012

For Immediate Release
Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy
31 March 2012, Dharamsala (India)
Eleven Tibetans who participated in peaceful protest marches in January 2012 in Drango (Chinese: Luhuo/Chaggo) and Sertha (Chinese: Seda) have been sentenced to three to 13 years in prison.
Reporting on the heavy prison terms, the official Chinese government news agency Xinhua on 22 March 2012 said the Tibetans were sentenced for ‘inciting social disorder’ and destroying public properties.
The 23 and 24 January 2012 protests in Drango and Serta counties were brutally suppressed by security officers who fired upon hundreds of unarmed protesters. At least four known Tibetans died and many got injured in the firing in Drango. In Sertha, two known Tibetans died, many were injured and an unknown number were arrested.
The county court at Drango sentenced seven Tibetans to 10 to 13 years imprisonment in addition to imposing fines. Our sources identified those sentenced as Peldor, Dugyal Nyima, Jhipey, Gyaltho, Gyalrong Tsetan, Tsering Dhargyal and Sherab Rongpo.
In Sertha, the county court sentenced four Tibetans – Tseyang, Khechung, Tsering and Lenchung – to three to seven years in prison for 'obstructing government activities'.
The dates on which the 11 Tibetans were arrested are not known.
The Tibetans in Drango and Sertha had staged peaceful protest marches against repressive official policies. Unsurprisingly, by labeling these legitimate forms of protests as ‘anti-government, vandalism, and violence’, the Chinese government has criminalized all peaceful ways of expressing ones opinions and thoughts.
The fact that heavy sentences were meted out to 11 Tibetans in less than two months after the protests shows the way in which proper judicial procedure has likely been hijacked.
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