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A Tibetan Nomad Dies After Burning Self

June 19, 2012

A Tibetan nomad has died after setting himself afire this morning in Chentsa (Chinese: Jiancha) County, Malho (Chinese: Huangnan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture in Qinghai Province.

According to our sources, Tamding Thar, a Tibetan in his 50's, self-immolated today at around 6:30 am (Tibet Time) in front of the county's People's Armed Police camp. A large number of security officers appeared at the spot within few minutes, sources said. The officers extinguished the flames and took Tamding Thar, who was severely burnt.

After the immolation protest, hundreds of local Tibetans gathered in front of the army camp demanding to hand-over Tamding Thar to them. It was not known at that time whether Tamding had survived or not but sources said that he was engulfed in huge flames. Chinese officials told the Tibetans gathered there that they will return Tamding Thar's body at around 11 am (Tibet Time). At around 12 noon (Tibet Time), the authorities released the body of Tamding Thar to the local Tibetans, confirmed our sources. The body was then carried to a remote nomadic area in Chentsa County.

At this time of reporting, sources said that there are around 400-500 local Tibetans, in groups, gathered in Chentsa County. Many security officers have also been deployed in the county vigilant of the Tibetan crowds.

Tamding Thar belonged to a nomadic family in Lowa village, Chentsathang Township, Chentsa County in Malho TAP. Few years ago Tamding Thar and his family moved to the county due to the 'nomad relocation' policy of the Chinese government, according to source.

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