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Tibetan Monk Tortured, Dies in Custody

June 22, 2012

A Tibetan monk has died after being tortured in police custody in Nyagrong (Chinese: Xinlong) County, Kardze (Chinese: Ganzi) Tibetan Autonomous Prefectures in Sichuan Province.

36-years old Karwang was accused of putting up pro-independence posters in Kardze County and was detained, a source told TCHRD.

In May 2012, posters calling for freedom appeared on the walls of a Chinese government building in Nyagrong County, Kardze (Chinese: Ganzi) TAP, Sichuan Province.

Several days later Karwang, a monk at Nyagrong Monastery in Nyagrong County, was arrested on suspicion of putting up the posters. He was taken to Dartsedo (Chinese: Kangding) County where he was detained for around eight days. The authorities tried to force him to confess to having put up the posters but Karwang denied. Sources said Karwang was then beaten and tortured.

A few days later, he died in detention. Karwang’s relatives in Nyagrong County got a call from Dartsedo police telling them to come to collect Karwang’s body. Karwang’s parents have died years ago. Seven relatives of Karwang, including his uncle and brothers, went to Dartsedo and came back with the body, accompanied by armed police, in few police vehicles.

The body was later taken to Serta Monastery for funeral, added our source.

According to our source, Karwang’s family and relatives were not paid any money as compensation.

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