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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

Open letter to the Swedish Prime Minister Fredrik Reinfeldt

June 24, 2012

Stockholm 2012.04.24

Dear Prime Minister Reinfeldt,

On this occasion of Premier Wen Jiabaos visit to Sweden, Sustainable Development and Sustainable Innovation besides other important agendas such as World Economic situation, Sweden and EU bilateral relations with China is listed in your meeting forum.

By signing an agreement with China on China-­‐ Sweden Ecological-­‐park and giving thumbs up to China's interest and future involvement in the Arctic Council, can we hope that your administration has seriously overweighed the long term consequences?

Now with your "soft diplomacy" stand with China, in that process should this Great China be inspired toward a more open and democratic society willing to lead our modern world, we welcome and congratulate you on your endeavors.

However in your meeting with Premier Wen Jiabao this week, Tibetans and Tibet supporters in Sweden write to urge you to approach Wen Jiabao over these following issues:

Failed environment policy:

Tibet is considered as the Third Pole however Tibet's mighty glaciers are melting. Now due to excessive and mindless mining of natural resources and unsustainable environmental policy, not to mention the exploitation of Tibet as a nuclear dumping site, China has brought Tibet to a brink of environmental disaster.

Resettlement of nomads: Under the pretext of Ecological Migration Scheme, nomads and their herds are forced off their lands through this resettlement policy which has evidently led to a social catastrophe in terms of Tibetans livelihood. Here we are speaking about a number of 2,25million Tibetan nomads. Certainly Prime Minister Reinfeldt can approach Premier Wen Jiabao as to how Chinese Premier defines sustainable livelihood from the context of the Tibetan Plateau. Also equally disturbing is the fact that large scale damming and mining is creating a long-­‐term threat to the Asian water bodies whose main sources lie in Tibet. China blame these actual effects of climatic change to excessive ad overgrazing by nomadic herds however so far no environmentalists nor any environment experts have confirmed to that statement.

Failed Tibet policy:

Reform Tibet policies: Please remind Premier Wen Jiabao of his own firm belief that change must come to China. Wen Jiabao has further added the importance for China to consider reforms in the government's policy. The Chinese government's policy pertaining to Tibet has largely failed and it is time Premier Wen Jiabao and likewise realise that and bring about a definite change. Forced patriotic education is an example of direct infringement to the rights to Tibetan people's thoughts and free expressions.
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