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India and China mobilize troops along Tibet border

July 22, 2013

China reacts cautiously to mountain corps move

July 21, 2013 - China on Friday reacted cautiously to India’s approval to create a new mountain offensive Army formation for its Northeastern region bordering Tibet, reiterating the several bilateral pacts on maintaining peace and tranquility along the 4,057-km Line of Actual Control (LAC).

The Chinese official media had not even taken note of the Indian move on Wednesday. However, to written questions from several Indian media organisation representatives in Beijing, China’s Foreign Ministry said the development would make no difference to the situation at the LAC.

“The Chinese and Indian Governments have signed several agreements on safeguarding peace and tranquility in the border areas and on taking trust-building measures in the field of military,” Chinese Foreign Ministry said.

“The overall situation in the border areas between the two countries is peaceful and stable. The Chinese side is ready to work with the Indian side to maintain peace and tranquility on the border areas”, it said without mentioning the Indian Army’s new mountain strike corps that envisages deploying 50,000 troopers with specialist mountain warfare equipment.

The nations are already negotiating a new border defense cooperation agreement which was discussed during Antony’s visit.

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Chinese troops cross Ladakh border again, carry banners asking India to vacate territory

July 21, 2013 - The Dragon is at it again. On two days last week, Chinese troops -- estimated by sources at as many as 100 -- crossed the LAC in Eastern Ladakh carrying banners asking India to vacate "occupied" territory. The incursions occurred on Tuesday and Wednesday last and though the Chinese went back to their positions after eyeball-to-eyeball confrontations with Indian troops, the matter was serious enough to be noted by the Prime Minister's Office, besides the ministries of defence and external affairs.

The incidents ratchet up the temperature between the Asian giants and intensify a game of cat-and-mouse marked by Chinese forays across the border and alternating belligerent and placatory statements from across the border.  Defence Minister AK Antony was in Beijing earlier this month. "The face-to-face situation continued for two days and in between a Chinese vehicle also broke down. Status quo was restored on July 18," said a senior official.

The Indian side has asked for a meeting of the area commanders at Spanggur Gap to discuss the incursion, and a meeting of the apex China Study Group, comprising of top officials from the foreign, home and defence ministries and the intelligence agencies R&AW and IB is being convened. In mid-June Chinese PLA troops dismantled a closed-circuit camera set up by the Indian army in the Chumar sector of Eastern Ladakh.  Chumar has been the focus of the PLA since the 21 day face-off in Depsang Plains, which ended on May 5. This area near the Himachal Pradesh border has also seen airborne violations by PLA helicopters.

Senior officials said that LAC transgressions by the Chinese and confrontations have been reported from Arunachal Pradesh and even Sikkim in the past two months.


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