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China Warns of Tibetan Suicide Attacks

April 2, 2008

By Stephanie Ho

Beijing, 01 April 2008
  (VOA) - Chinese authorities say they believe Tibetan forces agitating
for independence are planning to launch violent suicide attacks. VOA's
Stephanie Ho reports from Beijing.

China's Public Security Ministry gave reporters an update on the
official investigation into riots in Lhasa in mid-March. The Chinese
government says 18 innocent people and one policeman died. Tibetans say
the numbers are much higher, and include Tibetans killed by Chinese
security forces.

Ministry spokesman Wu Heping said the Chinese government believes the
Lhasa unrest and ensuing protests in Tibetan areas in western China are
the work of Tibet independence activists. As with all Chinese officials,
he squarely blamed Tibet's exiled spiritual leader, the Dalai Lama for
orchestrating anti-Chinese violence - both recent and in the future.

Wu says the next plan of Tibet independence forces is to organize
suicide squads to launch violent attacks. He gave no details.

The Chinese official said authorities have found more than 170 guns,
13,000 bullets and more than 3,500 kilograms of explosives in monk
dormitory rooms at monasteries in Tibet.

He said Chinese authorities have arrested 37 people in Lhasa in
connection with the case. Those captured include a key member of what
the Chinese government refers to as the Dalai clique, made up of the
Dalai Lama and his supporters.

Wu says the suspect has admitted his connection to the Dalai clique and
to crimes of engaging in separatist activities at the Dalai Lama's

Wu gave no details about the suspect. But he said the suspect's
involvement with the so-called Dalai clique began in November 2006, and
involved establishing an underground network of activists within Tibet.

 From Dharmsala, the prime minister of Tibet's government in exile,
Samdhong Rinpoche, denied Chinese claims that Tibetans plan to launch
suicide attacks.

Instead, he countered that the Tibetan exile community is concerned the
Chinese may disguise themselves as Tibetans and plan attacks to
discredit Tibetan activists.
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